Our Sugarcane Alcohol 189 proof originates from the sugarcane crop, then fermented from the sugarcane juice, which is then distilled into a premium clear rum base alcohol. As a premium alcohol supplier, we ensure that our Sugarcane Alcohol is always distilled a minimum of four times and is therefore low in impurities. Find out how you can use bulk Sugarcane Alcohol 189 Proof as a base for your rum blending and much more.

What is Sugarcane Alcohol 189 Proof?

A fermented and distilled product of sugarcane juice, this Sugarcane Alcohol 189 Proof has an extra neutral smell and taste. Sugarcane Alcohol 189 Proof has many uses that range from alcohol production to food applications.

How Sugarcane Alcohol 189 Proof benefit my distillation process?

Sugarcane Alcohol 89.5% can be blended with our Rum Blenders to create the optimal blended rum to your specifications. On the more tropical side, Sugarcane Alcohol 189 Proof is most used in the production of rum and caçhaca. Sugarcane Alcohol 189 Proof is a base spirit ideal for blending with our various small batch pot distilled flavor blenders. Catering to alcohol types and tastes from around the world, this base spirit gives craft distillers the flexibility to achieve a flavor profile to reach specific markets around the globe.

Applications and Use

Sugarcane Alcohol is used as a base ingredient for blended rum or cachaca. Learn more about our how this base spirit can be blended with our Rum Blenders to achieve the most amazing Blended Rum!