192 Proof Neutral Grape Alcohol, originating from California, is a neutral spirit used in to distill alcohol, RTD cocktails, and flavor extraction. We supply our 192 Proof Neutral Grape (Domestic) alcohol in bulk.

Ultra Pure supplies 193 Proof Neutral Grape Alcohol in various packaging such as 55-gallon drums, 270-gallon totes, and 6,500-gallon ISO containers.

What is 192 Proof Neutral Grape Alcohol?

Neutral Grape Alcohol 96% is a premium fruit-based alcohol produced in California by fermenting local grapes. The Neutral Grape Alcohol is distilled in one of our dedicated distilleries in California. Our Neutral Grape Alcohol has a neutral smell, taste, clear color which you can consider it to be ultra-premium in quality.

How can 192 Proof Neutral Grape Alcohol benefit my operation?

Our 192 Proof Neutral Grape Alcohol is clear and colorless, with a neutral smell. This base alcohol is gluten and GMO free. 192 Proof Neutral Grape Alcohol 96% is an extra neutral spirit that is utilized by some of the largest food and flavor companies as a processing aid.

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