Ultra Pure can supply any alcohol base for the fastest growing segment in the alcohol beverage industry

Spirit Based

Spirit Based

Sugar based – Vodka – Gin – Rum – Whiskey – Bourbon – Brandies

Malt Sugar Based

Malt Sugar Based

Ultra Pure can supply Fermented Malt and Sugar Based Alcohol for your RTD’s.

Wine Based

Wine Based

Ultra Pure can supply Citrus and Grape Based Other Than Standard "OTS" Spirit Bases.

What is the RTD category?

The RTD category is the fastest growing beverage alcohol category in the US market, and its trajectory is looking strong for the years to come. Its been a convenient item for consumers who are looking for cocktails on the go!

What is a ready to drink alcohol?

Ready to drink (often known as RTD) packaged beverages are those sold in a prepared form, ready for consumption. Examples include iced tea (prepared using tea leaves and fruit juice) and alcopops (prepared by mixing alcoholic beverages with fruit juices or soft drinks). The RTD pre mixed cocktails have been some of the most popular.

Why are RTD’s so popular?

From handcrafted ingredients and homemade spirits to an interest in provenance, RTDs are increasingly preimmunizing. Consumers are seeking complex serves, even from convenient options, be it from rare or localized botanicals to unique or craft twists on classic cocktails.

How can Ultra Pure help you with your Ready To Drink Cocktails?

Ultra Pure sources and supplies all the base alcohols to make your product a success, whether it’s OTS, or distilled spirits or fermented alcohol we can supply it all. Call our beverage sales team and discover some of the interesting base options for the Ready to Drink Category.

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