What is Completely Denatured Alcohol?

Completely Denatured Alcohol (CDA) is alcohol to which denaturants have been added to pure alcohol rendering it completely non-consumable.  Manufacturers of industrial and some food applications can use CDA in the manufacturing of any product that is intended for an industrial application. CDA is commonly used in chemical manufacturing and industrial applications where CDA is the solvent or reactant. CDA does not require a Specially Denatured Alcohol permit to purchase.

What does 200 Completely Denatured Alcohol 18 consist of?

For every CDA, there is a government approved denaturant that is added per the formulation set forth. 200 Proof Completely Denatured Alcohol 18 formulation is unique. For every 100 gallons of pure alcohol, our plant will add 2.50 gallons of methyl isobutyl ketone, 0.125 gallons of pyronate, 0.50 gallons of acetaldol, and 1.00 gallon of kerosene to meet the requirements of this formulation.

What packaging size is 200 Proof Completely Denatured Alcohol 18 stocked in?

Ultra Pure can offer our 200 Proof Specially Denatured Alcohol 18 in 270-gallon totes and 6,500-gallon tankers. Reach out to our Industrial Team today to learn if this CDA is right for your application!