What is 99% Agave Spirit?

99% Agave Spirit is made from the blue agave plant, which is native to a particularly hot regions in Mexico. Agave plants are chopped up and cooked to bring their starchy taste to a sweet flavor profile. The agave water is then fermented and distilled, resulting in what you can call an 99% Agave Spirit.

Can I label 99% Agave Spirit a Tequila in the United States?

99% Agave Spirit cannot be classified as a Tequila because your brand would be registered in the United States. Brands only registered in Mexico utilizing an Agave Spirit can be claimed a Tequila.

How can 99% Agave Spirit benefit my distillation process?

Agave Spirit has been around since the 16th century, most notably known as the base spirit in a margarita cocktail. 99% Agave Spirit has a unique flavor and incredible marketing value in a RTD beverage. The 99% Agave Spirit is available in 264-gallon totes. Please reach out to our beverage team to see how you can benefit from our premium spirit offerings.