At a minimum strength of 58.5% ABV, our Accelerated Aged Bourbon originates from Indiana in new American Oak Barrels. Once this product is aged for six months, it undergoes a proprietary aging process to simulate a 1–2-year-old Bourbon.

Given this products accessibility, it has become a favorite with our food and flavor customers due to its great taste and color. In addition, it’s widely used to create economically driven alcoholic spirit products.

Applications and Uses

The Accelerated Aged Bourbon is often used to create unique bottled bourbon options, but not limited to our beverage customers. Our food and flavor customers love our Accelerated Aged Bourbon because it enables them to create unique BBQ sauces, ice creams, and even coffee!

Our Accelerated Aged Bourbon is the go-to option seeing it is stocked in 55-gallon drums, 270-gallon totes, and 6,500-gallon ISO tankers.