An Aged Rum is always a dark rum. Much of the aging of rum occurs in the country of production, the climate, and environment where the rums are being aged. Rum may also be sent away for further maturation in climates that are not quite as aggressive. Well maturation of aged rum offers a full spectrum of flavors to be highly sought out.

What is Aged Rum?

As the name suggests, Aged Rum is a type of rum that has aged for a period typically more than 1-year. Rum is a sugarcane distilled spirit that is directly influenced by region, technique, and tradition. Most rums are bottled directly from the still, but some of the best rums are aged in wooden casks, most commonly in charred oak barrels. Sometimes the barrels were previously used to age bourbon, scotch, cognac, or sherry. In some cases, the aged rum is allowed to blend and mature in another barrel for a second maturation resulting in bolder flavors.

The process of distillation, the barrels, and warm climates produce well bodied Aged Rums that are darker in color, have a rich flavor, and are more aromatic than white or light rums. The quality of Aged Rum depends on the type of sugarcane used at the beginning stage of aging.

Apart from Aged Rums, there are different types of rum, from bright white ones to more brown ones. Aged Rums fall into the latter category.

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