Within the heart of Gascony in the south of France, the Armagnac is the oldest spirit produced. Known as the “water of life,” Armagnac is a clear fruit brandy produced by single distillation of white wine in an Armagnac Alembic. After the white wine distillation, the spirit is aged for many years in oak barrels.

The Armagnac is distilled from white wine which is fermented from using the following grapes:

• Ugni-Blanc

• Folle Blanche

• Baco 22 A

After ageing is complete, the spirit will be blended by the blender. They call this Coupage, ensuring that the different Eaux-de-Vie will blend in harmonious ways.

Armagnac is a specialty spirit desired for its unique flavor that combines notes of dried fruit, chocolate, and caramel.