What is BotanaSolv™ ?

Ultra Pure has been working hard to offer a new extraction solvent alternative.

Our team has just launched BotanaSolv™, a blend of 190 Proof Non-GMO Project Verified Sugarcane Alcohol with 5% high purity n-heptane. These ingredients have been safely used for many years for botanical extraction and edible oil recovery. Using the BotanaSolv™ blend does not require a special permit to ship and is Federal Excise Tax free. The base alcohol is Non-GMO Project Verified Sugarcane alcohol, but the finished blend cannot be claimed Non-GMO Project Verified. Rather, you can say that is is ”Made with Non-GMO Project Verified Sugarcane alcohol.”

How can BotanaSolv™ benefit my hemp extraction operation?

BotanaSolv™ will lower the cost of your lab’s ethanol spend by nearly 40%. This product does not require any sort of ethanol permits or is subject to Federal Excise Tax. Our customers notice that BotanaSolv™ has the same or better performance when compared to pure alcohol for hemp extraction. The days of paying Federal Excise Tax for your hemp extraction are now over!

What packaging size is BotanaSolv™ stocked in?

Ultra Pure can offer our BotanaSolv™ in 55-gallon drums, 270-gallon totes, and 6,500-gallon tankers from our various facilities across the US. Reach out to our Industrial Team today to learn if BotanaSolv™ is right for your application!


High Purity N-Heptane, a critical component in our BotanaSolv™ blend, has a higher boiling point when compared to ethanol itself. This may result in slightly higher energy costs to obtain the same extraction. Ultra Pure asks that residual solvent testing be conducted on your finished product. Consult with your equipment supplier to ensure a quality extraction will be reached without much change to your current processes.