Our Gin Extracts allow you to produce a totally unique blend to separate your brand from the competition. The Gin Extract comes in four notable flavor profiles such as Elysian, London Dry, International, and New World.  Ultra Pure can supply the various Gin Extract and you would only just need to add demineralized water and wheat alcohol 96% to achieve your own unique blend.

The Gin Extracts consist of the same gin herbs and botanicals as a London dry Gin but has a higher ABV of 80%.

London Dry Gin is a distilled spirit flavored with juniper berries and any other botanicals or herbs which are added to create a specific and notable flavor profile. The mash of the base spirit, the juniper berry, and the different Gin Extracts will result in your own craft distillation of Gin.

We offer 4 different Gin Extract flavor profiles, please ask our Sales Team which type may be a best fit for your desired flavor profile.