Brought to you by Signature Spirits in collaboration with a 300-year-old West Indies master rum blender, our Rum Blenders are unlike anything you have ever encountered before!

Why are Rum spirit brands growing so fast?

Rum, much like whiskey, has many unique flavor profile options. The marketing lore around Rum gives distillers many opportunities to create wonderful stories about the origin and the many exotic ingredients. Many mixologists are using new Rums to create signature cocktails that command above average profits for bars and restaurants.

Signature Spirits’ Rum Blending Program provides value and unique finished products

This program uses an economical Rum base spirit using our Sugarcane Alcohol 189 Proof combining it with our 150 proof Rum Blenders in small percentages (7%-15%) to achieve flavor profiles unlike anything in the market. Both the sugar cane alcohol base and the Rum blenders are in stock at Signature Spirits’ St. Louis DSP warehouse. Signature Spirits supplies three unique high proof Rum Blender flavor profiles for your formulating use.

What makes the Jamaican Power Rum Blender unique?

Blended in a small batch using pot stills, this Rum Blender is 100% Jamaican produced. Distilled at 150 Proof, this Rum Blender has a sweet flavor profile consisting of Banana, Pineapple, Papaya, Mango  and Coconut.