Ultra Pure offers several types of rum available, one of them being our Light Rum Base. The reason it is called Light Rum, is because this rum is not aged in barrels, and therefore has a more neutral flavor compared to it’s counterpart, dark rum. Light Rum is also known as white rum, rhum agricole or silver rum.

What is light rum?

All rum is made from distilling sugarcane or sugarcane by-products. The by-product can be molasses or sugarcane syrup. Rum can be distilled to several strengths, typically 40% ABV or higher. During the process of distilling rum, the product is a clear liquid with age determining whether it is light or dark rum.

Light Rum is aged for a much shorter time, if at all, versus the darker varieties. To make it into rum that can be sold as a drink, producers must filter the rum until it is free from impurities. Light Rums can have a subtle and sweet flavor.

At Ultra Pure, we source the best Light Rum with origins in the USVI. The use of Light Rum is saved mostly for cocktails and other rum-based drinks.

Why choose Ultra Pure as your Light Rum supplier?

Ultra Pure is the world’s largest independently owned suppliers of bulk premium alcohol and Light Rum is our specialty. Offered in a variety of packaging and transportation options, our Light Rum is versatile and can provide a unique product offering to your beverage line.