If you’re interested in a base alcohol with applications in the food and beverage industry, our Neutral Apple Alcohol may be right for you. With a wide variety of uses, this alcohol presents a variety of opportunities cross functionally in industries.

What is Neutral Apple Alcohol?

Neutral Apple Alcohol is an alcohol that is used across the food and beverage industry. It may be consumed as an alcoholic beverage in certain cases, as well. Made by fermenting and distilling apples, this Neutral Apple Alcohol has a unique flavor that may be used in the production of vinegar, apple cider, spirits, or craft alcoholic beverages.

Applications and Use

Neutral Apple Alcohol is used for consumption as an alcoholic beverage, as well as in the food industry. It plays a key role in the production of spirits and alcohol beverages. As for its role in the food industry, apple alcohol may serve as a preservative and a solvent for flavoring. In addition, it is widely used in the production of vinegar and apple cider respectively.