Neutral Cream Liqueur Base has many applications in the alcohol and beverage industry. We offer Neutral Cream Liqueur Base 18% ABV in large quantities, namely in 264-gallon totes and 6,500-gallon ISO containers.

What is Neutral Cream Liqueur Base?

Our Neutral Cream Liqueur Base 18% ABV is produced with dairy ingredients for premium cream-based alcohol beverage fulfillment. Neutral Cream Liqueur Base may be used to make premium and regional cream liqueurs, spirits such as cream whiskey, flavored alcoholic beverages (FABs), and alcoholic cocktails. The Neutral Cream Liqueur Base is a pH- neutral and acid-stable solution with a range of fat and alcohol contents. The alcohol content of the cream is up to 18% vol. If you would prefer adding the alcohol part yourself, the cream base can also be supplied without the alcohol contents.

The craft cream market

Cream Liqueur is seeing a new surge in demand as flavors become more innovative and creative. The household staples of the market are being challenged by cream liqueurs with exciting new twists.

Thinking about using Neutral Cream Liqueur Base 18% to make cream liqueur part of your product portfolio? Feel free to browse through our packaging options to see which quantities best suit your needs.