What is Neutral Rye Alcohol?

Rye alcohol 96% is the standard premium alcohol produced by fermenting and distilling naturally grown rye. This raw material alcohol has a characteristic smell, taste, clear color and almost no impurities.

How can Neutral Rye Alcohol benefit my distillation process?

Thanks to it being thoroughly distilled, this grain based Neutral Rye Alcohol has a neutral smell, taste, clear color and a very low number of impurities, playing into its high purity reputation. Lacking its own distinct taste, Neutral Rye Alcohol allows distillers to increase the yield of their product up to three-fold, all without altering the original character. Neutral Rye Alcohol is therefore often a go-to option that offers extensive reliability and possibilities to your distillation process.

How is Neutral Rye Alcohol used?

Neutral Rye Alcohol 96% is frequently used as a raw material alcohol in the production of Gin, London Dry Gin and Sloe Gin. The advantage, of using Neutral Rye Alcohol as the base, is that it does not interfere with flavors and allows the tastes of the botanicals to stay intact.

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