If you’re interested in an organically produced alcohol, our Organic Corn Alcohol may be right for you! This grain alcohol may be used across a variety of industry to satisfy your brands’ documentation requirements and marketing needs.

What is Organic Corn Alcohol?

Organic Corn Alcohol is a type of alcohol produced from grain that were grown without pesticides, artificial fertilizers, food additives and ionizing radiation to follow the strict organic guidelines set forth by the USDA. Organic Corn Alcohol is typically used to make other alcoholic beverages such as liqueurs or certain types of whiskey. Our Organic Corn Alcohol is an ultra-premium white spirit.

In what applications can I use Organic Corn Alcohol?

Organic Corn Alcohol is frequently used as a raw material to produce other organic spirits and distillates. The reason being is that the base alcohol allows the taste of the natural botanicals to stay intact, thus not affecting the flavor of the spirit being produced.

In addition to its role in the production of other spirits, Organic Corn Alcohol has taken on roles in the food, non-alcoholic beverages, cosmetic, and pharmaceuticals industry due to its neutrality as a rectified spirit and its organic certification it holds.