The Elysian Gin is our most aromatic option out of any of our Ready-Made Gins Ultra Pure offers. Our Elysian Gin is available in 55-gallon HDPE drums, 270-gallon HDPE totes, and 6500 ISO tanks.

What is Elysian Gin?

Our Elysian Gin is a clear distilled spirit that gets its distinct flavor primarily from juniper, coriander, elder flower, lavender, cubeb berries, and grains of paradise. Other herbs or gin botanicals are often added to further amplify and sophisticate the taste. These plant-based ingredients release aroma into the spirit, usually in the form of oils. Gin botanicals can include seeds, fruit, roots, and herbs. The ingredients of our Elysian Gin will differ greatly from the other types of Ready-Made Gins we offer. Our Elysian Gin is as you may expect in terms of a tasting profile. You will note that our Elysian Gin has a blend of floral and botanical components balanced against a core juniper and floral focus.

What are the different gin types?

Whether you want to market a gin that is ready to bottle or make your own gin, it is important to first understand what distinguishes gin types from one another. The juniper berries in balance with the gin botanicals are one aspect, but cask ageing, and production techniques also play a role.

Ultra Pure supplies gin in large quantities that is ready to bottle.

Minimum strength of this Elysian Gin must be 70% ABV. After the distillation, you may add more neutral Ethyl Alcohol. In this pot stilled case, no color or sweetening is permitted.

Gin types vary around the globe: just like Elysian Gin has its own flavor profile, so does London Dry Gin. We also supply American gin, which must contain no less than 40% ABV, with its lead flavor being that of the juniper berry.

Lastly, we also supply cask ageing gin that is ready to bottle. This gin breaks free of tradition and takes a different approach compared to other gin types.

Ready to bottle gins are not the only option. You can also make your own gin by adding natural or approved artificial flavorings to alcohol, without restrictions on sweetening. Distilled gin is another option to make your own gin. Here you redistill neutral alcohol (GNS) with approved artificial flavorings and may add more ethyl alcohol to the composition.

We supply all these gins in alcohol strengths within 40-80%. We also supply base spirits for you to make your own gin.

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