We supply Scotch Whisky in 55-gallon drums, 270-gallon totes, and 6,500-gallon ISO tankers. We can supply your distillery or brand in United States, but also around the globe.

What is Scotch Whisky?

Scotch whisky must be made in Scotland, birthplace of scotch. Malt or grain are the main distilling ingredients that lead to two different kinds of spirits, namely Grain Whisky and Malt Whisky.

Oh, my Scotch!

Good “Scotch” or Scotch Whisky is hard to find, especially with the many different variations of the drink given malt distinction and age. Understanding the characteristics of blended whisky and what the name of a scotch really means are vital in finding the ideal spirit.

Single Malt Scotch is distilled at one single distillery in copper stills. A smokier flavor is attributed to single malts thanks to peated barley. The bottler is only allowed to label this Scotch Whisky as single malt if it is bottled in Scotland.

Blended Whisky, by contrast, consists of a mixture of different single malts and grain whiskies; all from Scotland. The Grain Whisky is produced in column stills at larger distilleries and then is blended with the Malt Whisky, hence the word blended in the name. This mixture gives Blended Whisky a sweeter and particularly lighter flavor than the Malt Whisky on its own.

Our scotch blended malt, heavily peated, blended, and grain whisky might just be the one you have been looking for.