What is Tequila Mixto?

The Tequila Mixto is a 51% Agave Spirit possessing silver, even slightly blue hues, and a bold body. Our Tequila Mixto has an intense and powerful fragrance. The cooked agave is expressed in its entirety, capped by delicate herbal tones such as mint, eucalyptus, hints of fruit and a mild buttery note result in an aromatically elegant harmony.

Can I label Tequila Mixto a Tequila in the United States?

Yes, Tequila Mixto can be classified as a Tequila once your brand is registered and bottled in Mexico. Speak with our beverage team to make this a reality, as our partners are standing by to assist.

How can Tequila Mixto benefit my distillation process?

Agave Spirit has been around since the 16th century, most notably known as the base spirit in a margarita cocktail. 30% Agave Spirit has a unique flavor and incredible marketing value in a RTDbeverage. The Tequila Mixto is available in 264-gallon totes. Please reach out to our beverage team to see how you can benefit from our premium spirit offerings.